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Paramax Films corporate mission and vision is to lead the unique field of New Media for the cultural and luxury centric audience. Through our innovative and proprietary film and video technique, we have defined our role as a trusted leader in producing dynamic and effective, creative film and video content diffused on TV and New Media, such as renown websites, as well as specialized TV channels in Airlines, Airports, Cruise liners and Hotels. With its creative content, unique techniques, and established New Media broadcasting partners, Paramax Films takes advertising to a new level, providing clients with an innovative, one-stop shop method of marketing to a proven luxury centric audience.

Why choose us

We can produce short fictional films/videos around your brand or products using unique techniques and originally written stories.

Our capabilities include all aspects of the development process from the initial ideas and scenario of the short films to the final diffusion within our network.
Any size of screen

We can help you with productions from clips for mobiles to theatrical movies

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Advertise on our originally created content

in the beginning and end of all of our documentaries and short series of films.
Product placement
within our originally created content, be that documentaries or mini series of short films/videos. Our productions capture the viewers' attention while exposing your brand or product
Innovative interactive advertising
opportunities where the viewer is able to click on any object within the video, freeze the video at that moment and purchase the product.
Originally written short films
videos around your brand or products