4K postproduction in Paris, France

Adapted machines

The latest material for treating HDR, HFR and HCG which requires high treatment capcity

Adapted monitors

The sharpest 4K HDR monitors to help you work on your precious footage


Paramax Films has been filming in 4K since 2012. We've decided to work with the best postproduction labs in Paris. Our motto is that technology brings tools but creativity leads the choices, so we partner with both technicians and artists who work together to deliver the most quality in 4K. Ars ex Machina !

Why choose us

We can help you postproduce in Paris the finest and most heavy 4K productions in the the most adapted conditions.

Our capabilities include all aspects of the postproduction from the monitors, machines, tools, with the finest locations in Paris with the most comfortable couches for your clients and the finest coffees and handsqueezed orange juices.
Adapted couches

The finest leathers to help you waiting while the freelances weave your dreams

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Test us for any quote, you will be surprized by our creative solutions

Mixing art with engeneering and expertise

High Resolution
You need to chose adapted machines and softwares (we have built a solid network with Baselight Studios for the finest grading)
High Dynamic Range
We are currently dealing with Sony monitors which can handle 1000 Nits.
High Frame Rate
Depending on which film you want, we'll adapt the HFR from 24 (for cinema and music) to 120 or even more for sport.
High Color Gamut
We have the network for getting the most powerful machines and hard drives cloud to handle huge 4K HDR 100fps productions for you in Paris, France