Derrick May
and L’Orchestre Lamoureux
Weather Festival opening

The Film
American techno legend Derrick May opened the iconic Weather Festival with a magnificent concert at the Bois de Vincennes park in Paris. In this unique and unusual music project, the Detroit veteran was accompanied by the Luxembourg pianist Francesco Tristano (former Aufgang member) and the Philharmonic Orchestra Lamoureux, one of France’s best ensembles. The 60 musicians played under the baton of Dzijan Emin from Macedonia. Discover a unique fusion of electro and classical music at the titanic Weather Festival!  
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From modernity to tradition
The conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for this incredible performance, Emin also composed and arranged much of the orchestral adaptations of the pair’s techno classics. Let’s call him ‘The Translator’.  
“The eight thousand strong crowd gathered(…) for the opening of Weather Festival in Vincennes went wild when Orchestre L’amoureux played (May’s) techno classic , Strings of Life” (Le Monde)
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Conductor Dzijan Emin starring Derrick May
The technology
No less than 9 RED cameras were used in 4K HDR to film the concert live on ARTE, including a huge 16m technocrane.
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