Paramax Films and Monde Ouest Productions created Cannes €co in 2012 – a television series focused on the state of film finance and the related creative financiers, vehicles and the complex strategies that are supporting today’s film industry. Filmed live from the Cannes Film Festival and broadcast on Bloomberg Television, the show will consist of two days of conferences – the first day focused on film finance and the second on luxury and entertainment finance – with a series of interviews and roundtable discussions with leading industry players.

Our 2020 Cannes €co Series coproduced between Paramax Films and Astra Group offering is a “value-driv- en” program, focused on film and luxury entertainment finance and product placement in films, where each lead sponsor has an opportunity to work with us as a “deal-making partner” during their stay in Cannes. At an economically favorable rate over comparable business and hospitality services, our platform offers the unique and added edge of prominent branding, visibility and thought leadership positioning on Bloomberg TV through a featured roundtable on one of the world’s leading and prominent business networks.

Back from Sunny Cannes where we organized our yearly show on Film Finance, In this edition partnered with Astra Group, we brought funding and IP and how Blockchain can bring new solutions for film companies.

Main Goals

Downsize the dualistic approach traditional business vs. blockchain industry focusing on what blockchain can really give as added value to improve the industry and develop ecosystem.

Demystify blockchain towards high-level decision makers from the media and entertainment industry and show use cases.


  •  More efficient sales and distribution resulting in automation and higher profits
  •  Bringing content directly to the consumers
  •  Cutting the middlemen making it easier to distribute revenues directly
  •  Efficient protection of copyrights
  •  Quick access to investors worldwide

One of the inside topics was about the issue of how International coproductions can bring transparency in splitting the revenues and sharing the costs and Blockchain car bring a huge solution here.

Also when it comes about following the chain of rights, Blockchain technologies can bring new tools to secure all partners from different countries on keeping mutual control.

If you have been following blockchain since the early days, you are likely familiar with charismatic Alexander Shulgin, a world-famous Russian composer who became the country’s most prolific investor in new technology. Alexander Shulgin has been investing in new technologies around the world for the last 15 years and made a keynote about Blockchain explaining the concept of Access to the Media instead of distribution and why Data is the new gold :

Then we had the very expected panel on Blockchain solutions to ensure new level of protection of intellectual property. Cost optimisation and new revenue streams.

After an interesting introduction of Manuel Badel of Badel Media, expert of Blockchain in Montreal and author of a whitepaper which explains very clearly the concept of smart contracts, we entered a passionate discussion moderated by Greg Reitman of Blue Water Entertainment with the participation of Irina Albita, Co-founder of FilmChain, a collection agent based on Blockchain which is going to revolutionize the way transparency enters the opaque Film Industry collecting profits stream, the legendary Sam Klebanov now CEO at Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment who is going to bring transparency in all the chain of rights and will open all unsold territories to film and get longtail finally scale, Marc Scarpa from Decentric Media, under the technical authority of long going Uppal Mangla from IBM .

As Paul Veradittakit smartly explained in one of his articles, and as our panel expert Timothy Lewis will introduce this fascinating panel, the correspondent banking industry today is exactly the way the Medicis set it up in the 14th century.

A small reminder about how the Medicis used the power of the newly-invented double-entry accounting system to build a cross-border banking empire.They invented nostro and vostro accounts. Banks still use this double-entry system to keep track of who owns what. The words in English illustrate how direct it is: Nostro means “ours” in Italian and Vostro, “yours”. The Bitcoin ledger is the 21st-century version. A two-column spreadsheet with who owns what.12 million rows — one for each person who owns bitcoin. The second column has how many they own. That column totals 14 million bitcoins today. Very clear public record of who owns what, one that does not require paying a third-party to keep those accounts.

And Film finance is all about accounting property, that’s why our panelists will try to explain how Blockchain is going to change the dark side of financing behind film production.

So this most expected panel will start with those fundamental financial basis and hosted by Timothy Lewis, CIO of Ikigai‘s Hedge Fund who debated with Gleb Davidyuk, Managing Partner at iTech Capital, a Russian private equity funds with more than $200M of total assets under management, Dusica Lukac, Partner at DL Capital Partners, an investment firm specializing in the acquisition and management of established, profitable companies with 5 to 50 million Euros in annual revenues, Siqi Chen, President at Sandbox who just flew back from Vegas to hammer out a $68 million Series A deal at In-N-Out all of those electric discussions under the technical vigilance of Mathews Thomas ,technical oracle from AI/Blockchain at IBM.

Useless to say that Blockchain did not bring them all together, specially on the concept of owning a virtual good and why blockchain can transform with Mathematics the concept of property, but the exciting debate will probably bring your attention on this edgy topic !

To continue the exploration of how Decentralization is transforming the global Economy, a very interesting article of Shulgin can be found here